Booking in your accounts

When you have reached the point when you have a reasonable idea of when you require your accounts, allowing for factors such as the date of your AGM and when you expect to have all your financial records available, it is then that you should call to discuss the job with the Community Accountant.

At this point we can go through with you:

  • what type of accounts you need (whether a just a preparation or independent examination);
  • what your organisation’s income  has been during the year, any major changes to funding or other notable changes since last year and;
  • where appropriate, any issues from last year that need to be addressed.

Your Community Accountant will then be able to:

  • give you an estimate for the work;
  • agree a timescale for the work to be carried out; and
  • discuss how your financial records will be delivered to WYCAS.

We will then send you the Accounts Checklist for completion to be returned to us with your records.

As you will appreciate with a large number of groups having a 31 March year end the demand for accounts work during the summer months is very high. The more we can plan our workload during this period the better it is for us and for you.  In recent years we have had more and more sets of books arriving without any prior contact from groups and consequently fitting them in to an already crowded work programme is becoming increasingly difficult.

Accounts process - flow chart

Booking in is a key part of the accounts process.  We have produced a simple diagram to show the key stages of the process to follow for when we prepare or examine your annual accounts. It explains what should happen and includes some tips and thoughts to help make the process as efficient as possible and enable us to give you the best possible service.  Please follow this process to help us to help you.

Please help us to help you by following the booking in process. In the meantime if you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

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