Complaints Policy

West Yorkshire Community Accounting Service (WYCAS) always tries to provide the best possible service, but things can go wrong. WYCAS needs to know about things that have gone wrong so that we can put them right. WYCAS learns from complaints. We are able to change services and make improvements to the way we do things.

How to make a complaint – Stage One

To make a complaint:

  • Go to WYCAS’s office at Stringer House, 34 Lupton Street, Leeds, LS10 2QW
  • Telephone WYCAS on 0113 2706291.
  • Email WYCAS or write a letter saying you want to make an informal complaint.

We call this a stage one informal complaint. We will try to resolve your problem there and then. If you are unhappy with the resolution you can speak to the Chief Executive Officer who will try to resolve your problem there and then.

How to make a complaint – Stage Two

If you choose, you can skip stage one and go straight to stage two. If you are unhappy after stage one, you can complain in writing to WYCAS. We call this a stage two formal complaint. To do this you should fill in a complaints form or write about your complaint in a letter and send it to the Chief Executive Officer. You can download a complaints form here.  The address is on the form.

The Chief Officer will write to you within five working days of receiving your complaint. You will be told who will investigate your complaint; the Investigating Officer.

The Investigating Officer will write to you with a full response within 15 working days of receiving the complaint. Sometimes we may need longer but we will explain the reasons for any delay and will let you know when you can expect a full reply.

How to make a complaint – Stage Three

If you are dissatisfied with the Investigating Officer’s report, you can ask an Appeal Panel to review your complaint. You need to write to the Chair of the Board to inform us that you want to appeal. You must do this within 10 working days of receiving the Investigating Officer’s report.

We will write to you within five working days of receiving your request for appeal.

WYCAS will organise an Appeal Panel to look at your complaint and how WYCAS responded in stages one and two. The Panel will be the Chief Officer, the Chair of the Board and one other Board member.

You can come to the Appeal Panel meeting, or write to give more information. The stage two Investigation Officer will give their opinion to the Appeal Panel.

The Appeal Panel will carefully review the evidence; letters, forms, witness statements and documents relating to the complaint and how it was dealt with. They will write a report and come to conclusions. Decisions and recommendations that the Appeal Panel make are final.

We aim to give you the report of the Appeal Panel within 15 working days. Again, if we think that the appeal may take longer, we will tell you and explain how far we have progressed and when the appeal is likely to be complete.

What will happen if you complain?

At all stages, WYCAS will:

  • Listen to you.
  • Respond in a reasonable amount of time. If there is to be a delay, WYCAS will write to you to explain when we expect the response to be ready.
  • Explain what happened.
  • Monitor the number of complaints and report them to the Board every three months.

If WYCAS was wrong we will:

  • Apologise.
  • Try to put things right. We will explain to you how we have done this.
  • Review policies, procedures and practices and change them if needed.
  • Ensure that what went wrong does not happen again.

When can’t you complain?

When the thing that you are complaining about is not in WYCAS’s control and WYCAS cannot do anything to change it.

You cannot complain to WYCAS about another organisation or a service provided by another organisation.

It might be that the complaint is so serious that the Police or another external agency should investigate it. If this happens the WYCAS Chief Officer will explain to you why we are not investigating the complaint and why we have passed it to another agency.

You can complain about WYCAS member(s) of staff. You will be told about how WYCAS has dealt with your complaint. WYCAS may decide to follow your complaint with a Disciplinary Procedure with the member(s) of staff. You will not normally be told what has happened because of the Disciplinary.

WYCAS will not investigate vexatious complaints. A vexatious complaint can be:

  • When one person complains twice about something that is already being investigated.
  • When one person complains about the same/similar things repeatedly.
  • One person can make more than one complaint at the same time if they are about different things.

Complaining about the Chief Officer

A complaint about the Chief Officer can be made in writing or on the complaints form and should be sent to the Chair of the Board.

Complaining about the Board or a Board Member

You can make a complaint about the Board in writing or on the complaints form. You can send this to the Chair of the Board or to the Chief Officer who will pass your complaint to the Chair.

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