Financial Practice and Procedures – E-learning course feedback (Feb 2016)


Overall feedback:
“Hurrah! At last, a finance course where the course materials are based on a charity/not for profit sector example and can be easily related to, (Most other finance training courses such as AAT tend to be geared towards the business sector and their examples are often not relevant…)”
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“I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of levels of tutor support as this is the first time I’ve tried an online e-learning course, I needn’t have worried, the tutor contact and support has been excellent. I shall be recommending this course to others looking for Charity Finance training”


Module: – Budget and cash flow forecast preparation
“I found this section really forced me to think carefully about things that need to be considered when creating a Budget, there are lot of steps and calculations that need to be done first before you can do your budget if you want it to be accurate. The links to tools and examples given were relevant and helpful…. I found the FCR (Full Cost Recovery) really interesting and look forward to covering apportionment in more detail in the next section”


Module: -Regulatory requirements and year end reporting
“Very useful information and resources, really helped me to understand year end accounting for the charitable and non-profit sector, (something which I’ve found isn’t really touched upon with other Finance courses eg. AAT,) thank you”


Module: -Financial procedures and risk
“The Finance Team in an organisation can sometimes be seen as a bit pedantic! This section clearly explained the reasons why controls need to be put in place and how important they are in helping to manage and reduce risk for an organisation. I found the information on electronic payments particularly useful as this is something our organisation is moving towards”



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