Bespoke projects

Bespoke Services - tape measureWYCAS can provide bespoke support in a wide variety of financial and related governance related areas to help organisations deliver specific projects, manage relevant change, and give management boards necessary assurance.

For example, we can support:


Business planning – with financial modelling including detailed scenario planning, ‘what if’ and sensitivity analysis

  • Helpful for organisations looking to explore contracting opportunities, or perhaps cost and price services for managing personal budgets as well as general business planning.

Partnership and collaborative working – including merger support with financial due diligence reviews and project management

  • Helpful for informing decision making and necessary assurance to trustee boards.

Staff training and development – with mentoring or coaching of financial staff

  • Helpful for organisations with skills gaps, downsizing or wanting to up-skill and retain key staff.

Implementing new financial management systems  – including cloud-based accounting packages

To see how we could help you, please contact Simon Bostrom.

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