Full Training Programme

WYCAS can provide the full range of training courses shown below. If you are interested in a course that is not available in our current programme, please get in touch. We may be able to arrange separate training support for you in the relevant topic.

Accounting – basics

Good Financial Foundations - Half day course

What does your organisation need to do to get a good finance system in place?

  • Plan – work out the financial plan (budget)
  • Record – keep a structured record of transactions
  • Report – at year end and during the year
  • Procedures – have some ground rules and systems

This half day course will consider these 4 elements, discussing what is recommended and why, plus giving you some templates to go away with.

Basic bookkeeping - Full day course

On this day course you will learn:

  • How to record your money in and out
  • How to match them to what the bank says (and/or the petty cash tin balance)
  • How to produce a simple finance report

Your WYCAS tutor will lead the session, working through a practical exercise, so that you will be able to set up and use a paper-based recording method for your organisation.

Taking care of the cash: Financial controls - Half day course

Be prepared! Don’t shut the stable door after the horse has bolted….

Spend half a day to help yourself:

  • Explore the issues around managing cash and resources
  • Identify, control and reduce the risks
  • Take away some draft procedures to put these into practice

Accounting software & record-keeping

QuickBooks for Beginners - Full day course

If you’re thinking of setting up on QuickBooks, or are starting in a role using the system, this course will provide an introduction:
• How to set up the organisation
• How to record receipts and payments
• How to reconcile to a bank statement
• How to run simple reports
The group will work through an example organisation to give you hands on experience of using the accounting package.

QuickBooks intermediate - Full day course

Getting more from the system. This course will cover:

  • How to raise and process invoices on QuickBooks
  • How to enter bills and record their payment
  • How to enter budgets

Reports linked to each of these will be explored, using a fictional organisation to put the theory into practice.

Some hands on experience of using QuickBooks is recommended.

DIY accounts in Microsoft Excel - Half day course

A 3 hour workshop to show you how to use a free template giving you confidence to set up a bookkeeping system on a spreadsheet

You will

  • Be shown the structure of the linked spreadsheet
  • Set up a fictional organisation, with categories of income and spend, restricted funds and bank and cash accounts
  • Reconcile the bank transactions to the spreadsheet
  • Review how the inputs produce a finance report for use in the year

Laptops and materials are provided; a basic ability to use a spreadsheet is needed. Your WYCAS tutor will lead the session, working through a practical exercise, so that you will be able to set up and use a spreadsheet recording method for your organisation 

Spreadsheets for Beginners - Full day course

What is a spreadsheet? Can it save me work?

This course is aimed at beginners and will:

  • Give you an understanding of how they work
  • Build experience and confidence in setting up and using spreadsheets
  • Equip you to start using a spreadsheet for financial recording 

Financial process and practice

Understanding annual accounts - Half day course

In half a day you will:

* be familiar with the different types of year-end financial statements

* understand key accountancy terms

* know how to interpret the figures

Your WYCAS tutor will talk through the theory, showing you examples. You are invited to bring along your organisation’s last accounts, to apply your new-found knowledge.

Preparing for the year end - Half day course

What to do at the end of your financial year and why:

  • Know what determines how you have to report
  • Be prepared (with the required records and documents)
  • Understand the resulting reports.

Your WYCAS tutor will guide you through what has to be fed in to the accountants and what comes out from them! This will save you stress and money at the year end.

What does the Treasurer do? - Half day course

Thinking of taking up this role? Want to advertise for this post? In this half day session we’ll consider:

  • The responsibilities of the management committee and special responsibilities of the treasurer
  • Skills and qualities useful for your treasurer
  • Practical things which the treasurer may do

Your WYCAS tutor will guide you through discussion exercises on roles and problem scenarios.

Money Management for Trustees

Finance is not just for the Treasurer!  This training session is aimed at trustees to help them feel confident requesting information and asking questions about their charity’s finances. Some of the questions answered include:

  • Are you aware of the financial guidance provided by the Charity Commission and what it means?
  • Are you confident that you understand your financial and related reports?
  • Do you know how (or if) your budget is produced?
  • Do you know what policies and procedures on finance are required?

The training will give trustees an understanding of:

  • What questions should be asked on the accounts
  • Why the presentation and style of your reports is important
  • Key features on reports, can you spot any trends or potential problems
  • Key features on developing a budget
  • Why you need financial policies and procedures
  • How to develop and use a reserves policy
  • What to do in the case of insolvency

The course is scheduled over two sessions and can be run on an evenings if necessary to suit trustee availability. This course is aimed at organisations with a turnover over £50k. Smaller organisations are advised to consider our separate Role of the Treasurer course.

Planning & costing

Building a budget - Full day course

This course will consider and use examples to show:

  • What is a budget and how to put one together
  • Delving into detail: producing a month-by-month cash flow forecast
  • Why it is useful

Whether you want a budget for a funding bid or for your organisation’s management, budgets are a crucial part of planning. We will use templates and a step-by-step practical example to unravel the mystery!

How are we doing? Using Management Accounts - Half day course

In this half day course you will understand

  • Why you should produce management accounts
  • How they can be presented
  • How to interpret the information

Your WYCAS tutor will use examples to explore alternative presentations and things to look out for.

Planning and costing

This course will give you a practical introduction into key topics for better financial management. It covers:

  • Full Cost Recovery
  • Budgeting

The Price is right! Ensuring you cover your costs - Full day course

This course shows you how to cost a contract or service:

It will enable you to:

  • Distinguish between direct costs and overheads
  • Split these costs across your projects / activities
  • Calculate the income needed to cover the project costs

You will use a fictional organisation to work through the calculations, with the guidance of your WYCAS tutor.

 Tax and regulation

Gift Aid and GASDS - Half day course

This short course will give you everything you need to start claiming tax back on eligible donations made to your charity. It covers:

  • What entitles your organisation to claim tax back
  • How to register, how to phrase declarations and process your claims
  • An introduction to the new Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) and Charities Online














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